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Our solution
Time and Attendance
Our time and attendance software allows:

Tracking attendance with easy search functionality for timecards with missed punches, time-off hours, bonuses or comments

Managers can track hours and see all requests in one place, whether pending, approved or denied.

Employees can view their pending and schedule on a mobile-friendly calendar.
Forecasting and scheduling
Our software generates stunningly accurate labor workload for one or two month ahead

Scheduling solution provides optimal schedule based on constraints and KPI

Share generated schedule with employees and analyze auto-created reports
Real time schedule management
Task manager distributes store tasks between employees as efficiently as possible

Mobile app gives a possibility to make requests to swap shifts between employees

Shift exchange send notifications or find automatically an employees who can pick up vacant shifts with the least loss of profit for a company
Payroll reduction
Benefits from Implementation
Labor cost optimization due to staff downtime reduction up to 10%
Satisfied customers
Higher customer satisfaction -
increased NPS by 5-7%

Time saving
Significant time saving for schedules generation

Sales boost
Revenue boost via increase of service speed and quality
How it works
Set options for scheduling
Acceptable payroll and staff downtime

Queue length and average waiting time

Number of visitors per one store consultant



Amount of purchased articles

Our solution generates workload forecast with >90% accuracy using Big Data and Machine Learning in term of
Labour Code restrictions

Employee individual performance

Staff availability and preferences

Workload forecast
Automatic scheduling using artificial intelligence based on

Smart shift exchange - options to swap and pick up shifts

Online Task Management

Schedule management
Schedule efficiency analysis

Reveal insights to improve staff productivity

Timesheet creation

Automatic tracking attendance and payroll accounting
Analysis and Reporting
Case Study
DIY-retailer with 325 stores reduced payroll and improved customer satisfaction

15% boost of index measuring customer satisfaction
28% less time processing schedule
3% payroll reduction
Jewerly chain of 250 stores decreased staff downtime and implemented shift exchange
15% payroll reduction leaving revenue unchanged
35% less time processing schedule
Enabled seamless integration with shift exchange solution
Bed and mattress manufacturer enhances organizational performance in >600 stores
9% increase in efficiency of 4500 employees
0,5% conversion rate growth
10% improvement of performance indicators
Connected all workforce operations with one comprehensive solution
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